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Posted by Pralhad Tipnis on Jun 8, 2018 12:08:50 PM

Is your e-commerce business as successful as you thought it would be? If not, there’s no need to worry. It is not because your product or service offering is not good enough, if that were the case, you would be out of business. The more likely scenario is that you are not using all the tools available to make you and your team more productive.

Need for Workflow Management Tools

Taking into account the nature of the e-commerce business, organizations and their solution partners are always dealing with a large volume of work. And the work is assigned on email as it is the most used communication platform for businesses.

While email has made the world smaller and allowed us to conduct business across continents, it is not that adept at dealing with the work volumes of the e-commerce industry. Tracking your projects and assigning them to your vendors requires a lot of manual input and a timely update from all stakeholders.

Let’s say your product manager has a list of batches to be assigned to multiple vendors and he does so by email. He would have to organize the work templates in a folder and manually attach them to each email that he sends while allocating tasks. Most enterprise-level businesses have product catalogs ranging from an upwards of 500,000 products, and product managers are often communicating with multiple vendors. Think of the amount of work allocation emails being sent. These may seem trivial but the precious seconds that add up over scores of emails is a lot. Such micro-delays, while not consequential when viewed on a time scale of 1 day, but they do add up over the course of the month and year.

How Workflow Tools Streamline Everyday Tasks

The e-commerce industry is quite demanding on content teams to create high-quality content in high volumes. Here are some advantages offered by workflow tools to help your organization create conversion-oriented content with the fast turnaround time:

1. Aid in Choosing the Right Assignment

A large-scale e-commerce enterprise needs a dedicated team of subject matter experts. When you’re building this team of experts, workflow tools help you track each individuals strength. The workflow tool can help you analyze which products categories a specific individual is good at and which categories they find challenging. Some people have a natural inclination for tech products, while others might find cosmetics their cup of tea. Workflow tools help you match the right assignment to the right individual and makes your content operations as efficient as possible.

2. Align Projects to Experience and Tenure

Just how workflow tools help you assign tasks as per natural ability, they also help you to provide projects based on previous experience of any new team members joining your content operations. For example, let’s say you’re starting a copywriting team and you have a few who have a portfolio wherein they have created evocative product descriptions and blogs. These writers can be used for creating blogs and general purpose content. On the flip side, you may also have certain individuals from technical backgrounds with a decent proficiency in writing. You can leverage their knowledge and attention to detail to create detailed product descriptions and product buying guides.

3. Collaborate and Create

Taking forward the copywriting team example above where you have a mix of highly technical staff with excellent writers. Workflow tools can modify a standard write-edit-publish model to something that is more collaborative and leveraging your team’s capabilities. For instance, before your best copywriter works on a product description or a blog, the technical writer can source all the information and explanation of the feature benefits. Once these aspects of the product content anatomy are in place, the workflow tool will send it to the copywriter who will weave a story to create an engaging description. This ensures the complicated conversion-oriented product content tasks are divided into small bite-sized chunks that will make it easy for your team to work on.

4. Gamify Your Content Operations

In case you’re having trouble getting your team to turn around a project quickly or receiving sub-standard quality, you can use workflow tools to incentivize your operations. As tracking performance on a workflow tool is simple, you can add performance and quality based bonuses to encourage speed and quality from the team. These incentives could be monetary, or any discretionary privileges such as a work-from-home, priority in choosing tasks, or all expense paid social events to celebrate successful projects. Workflow tools help you experiment with your performance incentive as well as track which ones work the best.

Automated Prioritization

Setting up a daily work schedule manually not only takes away precious time from your managers but also opens up the possibility biases affecting the efficiency and morale of the team. Workflow tools do away with the human oversight aspect that most large-scale e-commerce enterprises have to deal with. All schedules will be assigned as per capability of the team members ensuring a streamlined workflow. Also, any deficiencies in their abilities can be highlighted by the workflow tool, and a task will be assigned for training and skill development. You can gamify these tasks to encourage employee development.

When you are looking for workflow tools, look for areas where you can improve your operations. If your production team is excellent, but your researchers aren’t thorough, look for resources that can make them better. Depending on where you need to cut down on your SKU activation cycle time, there are tools available to refine your operations.

Workflow tools are well worth the investment as they deliver better efficiency, improve quality, and lower costs due to faster turnaround cycles and fewer errors. It also provides clarity and consensus about the performance at an employee and team level, resulting in happier employees and a more satisfied team.

About Iksula:

Iksula is a leading e-commerce solutions provider for brands and retailers globally. Led by a team with over four decades of experience, Iksula assists over a dozen billion dollar companies in managing their e-commerce operations seamlessly.

Iksula helps brands and retailers realize superior economic performance by transforming their supply chain and retail operations for the digital era. We engineer cutting-edge tech for creating engaging experiences for your customers and automating business processes for your stakeholders.

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