3 Ways to optimize your eCommerce Product Photography Costs (without compromising on quality)

May 27, 2019 3:09:48 PM / by Pralhad Tipnis posted in eCommerce, Product Photography, Post-production, Imaging


  • Generating quality product images doesn't need expensive production values - it needs the right post-production support
  • Using a few simple tricks, you can minimize re-shoots and avoid repetitive shoots of similar/related products
  • An experience post-production team can handle the rest, and ring in major savings (especially at scale)


51% of users prefer to shop online on e-commerce marketplaces. That still leaves a significant number of people preferring brick and mortar stores. And who can blame them? We all want to be absolutely sure before spending our hard-earned money. The reassurance of touch-and-feel experiences can still outweigh the other (sizable) benefits of eCommerce.

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