Whether you're an operations head or in support functions like HR or Finance, your internal customer remains the same – ‘The Employee’. Every company spends a considerable amount of time & money in hiring quality talent and training them to perform optimally. The employees thus are able to generate profitability for the business. While we focus on external customer satisfaction, it is imperative that we also spend a thought on the internal customer a.k.a. 'the employee'. This is in alignment with what J.W. Marriott has to say about employee satisfaction - "Take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers and your business will take care of itself.

Talking about 'customers', the nature of customers has evolved over a period of time. There were times when people traded in goods. These were the times where traders made the profits and the customers had to work hard at procuring these from the traders at the traders' terms. Then with the industrialization revolution came the era of the products, where finished goods or 'Products' were sold. These products were designed keeping some of the needs of the end consumer in mind. The industries started to move in the direction of designing these products which would appeal to the customer. Probably for the first time, the customer was given precedence over a mere transaction. A few short decades later, the focus started to tilt towards customer 'service'. This was the time where standardized produce was fast getting replaced by their customized counterparts. Also, after-sales service formed a large part of the purchase decision for the end consumer.