Digital Asset Management for Retailers & Brands - Capabilities & Benefits

Posted by Anurag Shah on Aug 28, 2017 12:03:06 PM

Digital asset management (DAM) is an effective solution for enterprises (retailers, brands, etc.) to store, organize, find, retrieve and share digital files. Maintaining consistency across multiple channels is always an issue that Brands and retailers face. DAM is a simple and easy solution to this problem. DAMs are quick to deploy and easy-to-use. It provides a centralized digital library to peers, employees, clients, contractors and any other key stakeholders, a controlled access to digital assets — including images, photos, creative files, video, audio, presentations, documents and more. Marketplace users can download the content and Images manually by signing in or with API integrations. This will boost collaboration by providing teams with a central hub to review, manage and share assets.

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Tags: Digital, Merchandising Operations, Digital asset management, Product Conversion Rate Optimization

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