Athena Rule Engine - Iksula's very own Content Quality Solution, now enterprise ready

Jun 28, 2019 6:24:38 PM / by Pralhad Tipnis posted in eCommerce, Content, Athena, Catalog


Executive Summary:



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Athena Rule Engine - The system you need to win the eCommerce Content Battle

Dec 7, 2017 3:43:16 PM / by Carlsen Martin posted in eCommerce, Content, Product Conversion Rate Optimization, Athena, Catalog

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Setting up an eCommerce business is just the first simple step in a very complex process that ends in profitability. With such a huge digital market, attaining stability and profitability in this highly-competitive eCommerce arena becomes nothing short of a Digital Battle that requires an Outstanding Strategy, an Ace if you will; and unless you got one up your sleeve, life in the digital space isn’t going to be a walk in the park. Lucky for you, we’ve got Athena Rule Engine — a versatile and adaptive software that you need in your war chest to be ahead of the competition.

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How Artificial Intelligence is Helping Optimize E-commerce Content

Sep 5, 2017 12:34:53 PM / by Jagruti Joshi posted in eCommerce, eCommerce Trends & Insights, Content, Merchandising Operations, E-commerce Content, Product Conversion Rate Optimization


The use of AI in writing content

The debate over AI versus humans is a long and storied one, with endless arguments and evidence on either side. In the last few years, machines have become efficient. Automation has largely replaced rote and mechanically-focused jobs. However, many believe that automation can never take over jobs that require human reasoning and creative thinking. Thus, we find it difficult to envision machines writing compelling content. However, the reality is that machines are already writing content and they are getting good at it. A popular example of artificial intelligence for content creation is Quill, an NLG platform developed by Chicago based company Narrative Science. Using Quill, you can automatically generate anything from stock market reports to sports articles.

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