Feature Bullets in Product Content - See how they improve conversion rates

Posted by Pralhad Tipnis on Jul 24, 2019 1:30:54 PM

Executive Summary

  • While descriptions help in SEO, consumers often skip products based on just title and images
  • Feature Bullets can provide an edge here - keep consumers hooked and lead them to read the full product content
  • Well-written bullets can become the hallmark of your product content and a USP of your website 

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, customers want maximum information in the shortest period of time. It is especially true for the content on your product pages.

For SEO reasons, eCommerce websites have extremely detailed production descriptions & specifications tables, so the customer’s queries are answered without them leaving the page. The increases your engagement metrics and reduces bounce rates, which in turn increase SEO rankings.

Bullet points are vital as they complement your product description by providing bite-sized content that can be scanned easily. These short, crisp points enable customers to decide quickly whether the product is worth their further study.

Feature bullets provide a similar function as the headline of your landing pages. Headlines provide the value proposition that hooks the reader into reading your product or service offering. Similarly, feature bullets help customers know whether the product they are viewing fits their requirements.

Why Are Bullet Points Crucial for E-commerce Success?

Let’s look at the buying journey of a customer who is already on your e-commerce website - 

  • Step 1 - Use the search bar OR navigate to a category page from the menu 
  • Step 2 - Study the product titles, images and prices of displayed products
  • Step 3 - Shortlist interesting products and open their product pages

Customers are often cull this shortlist of by eliminating products one-by-one. The title and image aren't always enough for a immediate decision to not eliminate a product - This is where good feature bullets can provide you an edge and improve conversion rates

feature bullets blog

Figure 1. Feature bullets highlighting important feature and benefits
Source: Amazon.co.in

In the above product, you can see that it's defining features are power capacity, pre-programmed settings and blending capabilities. If these features can hook the customer, they will move to read its description, reviews, FAQs etc. In the absence of this info, customers may choose to eliminate based on just the title and images

Best Practices for Creating Bullet Points

Many websites lazily plug sentences from the description verbatim into the feature bullets. This defeats the purpose of the bullet i.e., to create content that can be scanned quickly. Longish, descriptive sentences, awkward and lacking context outside the description, may make the customer lose interest immediately.

feature bullets blog 2

Figure 2 Short description followed by bullet points
Source: Net-A-Porter.com

When creating feature bullets for your product pages, below are a few best practices to consider:

  1. Limit yourself to 4 to 8 bullet points
  2. One USP per bullet - Avoid the urge to club features in one bullet
  3. Bullets should be a up to 12 words/100 characters
  4. Go by product complexity - Electronics or appliances may require longer and higher number of bullets, but fewer, shorter bullets might be better for Casual Footwear (see Figure 2)
  5. Write in sentence fragments without ending punctuation (e.g., Breathable air mesh back panel provides a lightweight, comfortable fit)
  6. Ideal order of bullets should be :
    1. Most Prominent and unique features with corresponding benefits
    2. Dimensions and weight (crucial for categories like home/office goods)
    3. Other, functional benefits
    4. Materials and Special care instructions
    5. Country of Origin/ Warranty information

Quality Bullet Points also add to Brand Image and Loyalty

The goal of any product page is to retain the user on the webpage and eventually add the product to their cart. Poorly crafted content without bullets will increase the exit rate of your customers. And the competition is just a click away.

The success of an ecommerce website rests on having a fulfilling customer experience. Product page content is a key part of this, and having high quality and easy to consume content is what can make your online store stand out it in a crowd of options. This is the only way forward to improve conversion rates and improve customer loyalty from online shoppers


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