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Feature Bullets in Product Content - See how they improve conversion rates

Posted by Pralhad Tipnis on Jul 24, 2019 1:30:54 PM

Executive Summary

  • While descriptions help in SEO, consumers often skip products based on just title and images
  • Feature Bullets can provide an edge here - keep consumers hooked and lead them to read the full product content
  • Well-written bullets can become the hallmark of your product content and a USP of your website 
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Tags: eCommerce, Content, Athena, Catalog

Athena Rule Engine - Iksula's Content QA Solution, now enterprise ready

Posted by Pralhad Tipnis on Jun 28, 2019 6:24:38 PM

Executive Summary

  • Content Operations pose a host of challenges for large enterprises - multiple channels, teams, content systems
  • Ensuring content is accurate, correct in grammar, formatting and brand tone is a humongous challenge
  • What large enterprises need is not just a QA tool, but a platform - integrated with multiple systems, which can handle multiple teams and large volumes


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Tags: eCommerce, Content, Athena, Catalog

3 smart ways to optimize your eCommerce Product Photography Costs

Posted by Pralhad Tipnis on May 27, 2019 3:09:48 PM

Executive Summary

  • Generating quality product images doesn't need expensive production values - it needs the right post-production support
  • Using a few simple tricks, you can minimize re-shoots and avoid repetitive shoots of similar/related products
  • An experience post-production team can handle the rest, and ring in major savings (especially at scale)


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Tags: eCommerce, Product Photography, Post-production, Imaging

Boost your eCommerce Content Operations with Robot Process Automation (RPA)

Posted by Pralhad Tipnis on Apr 30, 2019 4:30:34 PM

As business aim to implement a seamless omni-channel experience, the scale and complexity of content operations has increased exponentially. More verticals, more customization by category and more customer touch-points leads to content teams facing a bigger challenge than they are used to. Productivity and Profitability takes a hit.

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Tags: eCommerce Operations, eCommerce Content Strategy, Automation

Boost Your Team Productivity

Posted by Pralhad Tipnis on Jun 8, 2018 12:08:50 PM

Is your e-commerce business as successful as you thought it would be? If not, there’s no need to worry. It is not because your product or service offering is not good enough, if that were the case, you would be out of business. The more likely scenario is that you are not using all the tools available to make you and your team more productive.

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Tags: eCommerce, eCommerce Operations, Merchandising Operations

How Content Strategy at Every Stage of the eCommerce Sales Funnel Helps Increase Traffic

Posted by Pralhad Tipnis on Mar 19, 2018 6:10:56 PM

It is no secret that content marketing is useful for every industry, whether B2B or B2C. But the eCommerce industry can leverage a unique advantage wherein you can guide shoppers through the sales or purchase funnel. Smart content backed by a sound strategy can influence buyers, encourage sales, promote products, reassure hesitant customers, and more. Read on to know more about creating an effective content marketing sales funnel.

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Tags: eCommerce Operations, Merchandising Operations, Product Conversion Rate Optimization

5 Content Types to boost your eCommerce Sales

Posted by Pralhad Tipnis on Feb 8, 2018 4:07:15 PM

U.S. eCommerce sales in 2017 grew 15.8 percent to $452.8 billion as compared to the previous year. With an increase in sales come greater expectations of a better on-site experience. An inadequate shopping experience is often the reason why eCommerce sites do not flourish. In the past year, around 87% shoppers refused repeat purchases due to bad product pages. Furthermore, 40% shoppers refunded their purchases due to poor product content.

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Tags: eCommerce, eCommerce Sales, eCommerce Operations, Merchandising Operations, eCommerce Content Strategy, Product Conversion Rate Optimization

7 Social Media Trends to watch out for in 2018

Posted by Pralhad Tipnis on Dec 1, 2017 2:53:48 PM

2017 was quite the year for social media. Facebook’s copycat approach ended up being quite successful in luring Snapchat users onto Instagram via Instagram Stories. The President of the United States tweeted policy within 140 characters. Apple and Google announced their push into better-augmented reality content.

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Tags: eCommerce Trends & Insights, social media

What You Need to Know about Responsive Website Design

Posted by Pralhad Tipnis on Oct 31, 2017 6:32:45 PM

As more and more people access the internet via mobile devices, responsive website design has seen a widespread adoption in the last five years. If the words responsive web design (RWD) doesn’t ring any bells, don’t fret – the term was coined in 2010 and is more popular with techies rather than marketers.

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Tags: Drupal, Web Design, Website Design, Magento

It’s Time for E-commerce Retailers to Socialize

Posted by Pralhad Tipnis on Oct 5, 2017 4:56:39 PM

As per the August 2017 edition of the Global Digital Snapshot by We Are Social and Hootsuite, there are around 3.8 billion user accounts on social media. Yes, you read that right. Billion! With a Big B!

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Tags: eCommerce, eCommerce Trends & Insights, social media

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