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Why Adobe Acquired Magento

Aug 8, 2018 12:25:44 PM / by DJ Basumatari posted in eCommerce, eCommerce Trends & Insights, Magento


Reason's in the Past

Let’s travel some five years back when online shoppers started to become more demanding. They weren’t satisfied with the convenience alone - they wanted "experience". To serve them, the e-retailers introduced Omni channel using tools like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and IBM WebSphere.

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Part 1: Hummingbird for the la(z)y Marketer

Dec 27, 2013 2:16:17 PM / by DJ Basumatari posted in eCommerce Trends & Insights, SEO


Any new change in Google’s search algorithm and the SEO community goes on an over drive with endless debates on what the change could mean, and its impact on rankings and strategies. The Hummingbird change was however, different. Google implemented the change a month before the announcement catching the community off guard, and especially so as there didn’t seem to be any perceptible difference in ranks till now.

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