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3 SEO activities you need to stop TODAY!

Jan 30, 2014 5:31:57 AM / by Deep Mehta posted in SEO, Product Conversion Rate Optimization

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So here's a list of top 3 SEO activities that seriously need to be stopped asap.

1. Forceful Social Bookmarking – Social Bookmarking is, according to me, the most widely exploited off-page SEO technique in the history of online marketing so far. No kidding. There are agencies which build you over a 1000 links every day on poor old or or any other “Top 20 Social Bookmarking sites” as they like to popularly call it. Just stop. For the love of God and every soul which once loved Stumble Upon or Tumblr or whatever, but today, finds them irrevocably polluted. Brotha, you’ve gotta stop. These links hardly get you any traffic and as far as “SBM helps crawl pages faster”, I’d say – “Are you living in the 90s?” Okay, 20 years is a big deal in online stratum and you know it.

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How do I do SEO in 2014?

Jan 15, 2014 6:03:37 AM / by Deep Mehta posted in SEO, Product Conversion Rate Optimization


Undoubtedly, the hottest query among everyone remotely associated with the online marketing segment remains “Is SEO dead?” Yes, it is.

Well, traditional-off page-gray hat-build 1000 links-SEO is dead, for sure. Having said that, on page SEO is still the boss. Obviously, because it involves implementing quality content on your website, seeding relevant keywords (seeding, not stuffing), properly interlinking your website for a smooth user experience and taking care of the hygiene HTML (geeky stuff).

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