Athena Rule Engine - Iksula's Content QA Solution, now enterprise ready

Posted by Pralhad Tipnis on Jun 28, 2019 6:24:38 PM

Executive Summary

  • Content Operations pose a host of challenges for large enterprises - multiple channels, teams, content systems
  • Ensuring content is accurate, correct in grammar, formatting and brand tone is a humongous challenge
  • What large enterprises need is not just a QA tool, but a platform - integrated with multiple systems, which can handle multiple teams and large volumes


In our previous blogs, we discussed the applications of Robot Process Automation in eCommerce Content Operations, specifically in Quality Assurance (QA) of catalogs. We have also discussed the features such a QA system should have.

We have also discussed about Iksula's own content QA system - Athena Rule Engine (ARE), a fully customizable QA automation system tailor-made for eCommerce catalogs

Challenges of Product On-boarding in Large Enterprises

E-commerce is still an expanding industry, posed to be a $4 billion global market by 2021, and every large eRetailer and Brand is keen to gain a decisive edge online. Each eCommerce enterprise has multiple customer channels or touchpoints - own websites/apps, online Marketplaces, google listings, POS Systems, Kiosks etc. An omni-channel approach involves integrating these customer touchpoints to offer a seamless experience.

In Content Operations, this poses a host of challenges especially for large enterprises. Content is unique and tailor-made for each channel, being created by separate in-house teams and vendors. Large volumes of content are being uploaded/edited at different touchpoints in real-time. Ensuring all the content is factually accurate, correct in grammar/formatting and tonally aligned with the brand, is a humongous challenge.

Along with multiple teams, there will be multiple content systems such as PLM, PIM, MDM, DAM, CMS etc.. All store content in their respective format, and often one provides raw data for content creation in another, something we discussed here. Hence, all product images, attributes, descriptions etc. have multiple versions, and factual/formatting errors can get duplicated all throughout. 

For such a company, we need not just a QA system with rule checks, you need a platform - an extensive system integrated with multiple systems, capable of handling large volumes and accessible to different teams across geographies. Iksula had already had a QA system, around which we have built a platform capable of serving large enterprise - ARE Enterprise

ARE Enterprise

The QA framework is the same as ARE, which you can see below - 


The new platform features are - 

  1. Cloud-based Installation

For large volumes of products along with seasonal spikes, on-demand server scalability is necessary. Hence the ARE Enterprise is hosted on the cloud. It can be accessed by teams across geographies, with consistent speed & performance and minimal downtime during crunch periods

  1. API Integrations

ARE Enterprise can be integrated via APIs to all the difference content systems, and can import, edit and and publish content on multiple systems. This comes with the requisite frameworks for access control, permissions and approvals for each content creation process.

  1. Smoother ETL with Real-Time Feedback

ARE Enterprise can also integrate with vendor portals to streamline the onboarding process for suppliers and other data entry operators. Once the rules are set into ARE, it will check and analyse the integrity of the data in real-time and provide immediate feedback to the supplier for corrective action. As a result, the product content repository will be the single source for accurate product information and ensure consistency of product data across all channels.

Content - The gift that keeps on giving

If we can store it, standardize it and correct it, every piece of content can be used and re-used for countless purposes, some we can't even envision now!

Iksula is an established solutions partner that implements specialized solutions designed for the e-commerce industry. We have range of solutions and services for Content Operations. You can read more here

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